Location: Between C Street, Waterman Drive and E Street. Public parking is located on the streets surrounding the park.

Open to on-leash dog walking: Year round from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Open to the public: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Notes and considerations:

  1. BulletThere are no doggie bags at this park, please bring your own. There are trash cans located around the park.

  2. BulletThe park is on-leash only as of February 2009 Also be aware there are many people who feed ducks around the pond and this can also be a distraction to a dog.

  3. BulletThis 10 acre park offers a pond with a fountain, rose garden and a gazebo for events. Seasonal activities include holiday tree lighting, ice skating, summer concert series and Art in the Park.

  4. Bullet The trees provide good shade, but bring water for your pet so they do not drink from the pond or the nearby stream. There are lots of ducks in the pond and as a result a lot of duck waste and contaminates in the water.

  5. Bullet This park is a good place for owners who have limited mobility who need to exercise their dog as it is quite flat with mowed grass and paved paths. There are also benches to rest on and chat with neighbors.

  6. Bullet SoPoDOG organizes trash cleanups in all of the open spaces on the first Saturday of each month. Sign up for an e-mail reminder so you can help.

  7. Bullet Please use bags to clean up after your dog. Please bring a spare to share with another dog walker. Please remember this is public park with many people who use it for many purposes. Everyone has the right to enjoy the open space. Please be a good neighbor and limit noise such as yelling and excessive dog barking, throw out and/ or carry out all trash and keep your dog under restraint as defined in the city’s code of ordinance.



Mill Creek Park: on-leash only

Mill Creek has a beautiful Rose Garden, please do not allow your dogs to enter this area out of respect of the delicate bushes and flowers.

Throughout the summer there are concerts and other events scheduled in the park.

Away from the pond there is a nice field area. Dogs must remain on-leash throughout the park.

Images of Mill Creek Park

The park has a pond with a fountain. This pond has many ducks in it and is not suitable for dogs to swim in or drink from.

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